We want to do everything we can to help you discover more about us and how we can enjoy Jesus together.

We would love to meet you on a Sunday or at any of our groups during the week.


As grateful and joyous recipients of Jesus’ amazing gift we seek to:

  • remember Jesus in bread and wine regularly so that our focus and identity remains in Him.
  • study the Bible to learn and apply God’s way of living for us as 21st Century Christians.
  • grasp the opportunity that we have through Jesus to participate in prayer and worship to the living God.
  • exercise love and forgiveness in all our dealings with one another.
  • continue to grow as disciples of Christ, being open to be further changed and equipped by His Spirit.
  • serve well the people of our communities in Jesus’ name. 
  • be ready to speak of Jesus in such ways that others may come to know Him.
  • promote Christian ministry and mission both in this country and worldwide.
  • live lives which are trustworthy and blameless, as good citizens of this nation and of God’s kingdom