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Priority Partners

An important part of our church life is our engagement with ministries that share the Gospel of Jesus and show His love in action across the world. We choose to focus the church interest and financial giving on a small number of ministries, so that we may develop relationships that fuel our prayers and make a difference in our giving. These we call our “Priority Mission Partners”. There are currently five such Partners. Further information on each of these is available by selecting the appropriate menu entry. Each of these contain excerpts taken from their respective web material. In addition, there are other initiatives that members and friends of SEC are involved with, and these we also support.

A publication entitled “MissionMatters” is produced several times a year. The latest version is available for download here. 

Mission Team

The church’s focus on world mission is overseen by the mission team, currently comprising Stuart, Lilian and Jeff. Please speak to any of us if you have any questions, or email us.