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The Preshal Trust

The Preshal Trust was launched in November 2002 and is a registered charity based in Govan. This is an area of economic and social deprivation with high unemployment, low educational attainment, poor health and serious poverty levels and our objective is to provide support and to deliver a range of services to socially excluded people and families living in the Govan area of Glasgow.

You can find out more about Preshal here.

May NicholsonAny description of Preshal Trust starts with May Nicholson (pictured). May has provided much of the vision and drive for Preshal over the years. Whilst May is the engaging figurehead of Preshal, the on-goingwork depends on God’s daily provision and the dedicated work of a great team of staff and volunteers. SEC has been greatly blessed by the visits from the Preshal team and by our visits to the Preshal Centre.

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